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Attending Reiki sessions with Joanne has empowered me to keep my life time goals in perspective. Each session works like a jigsaw puzzle, piecing and directing me spiritually with faith, clarity, and self assuredness. Reiki healing has shown me new windows of endless opportunities towards my future. It has personally taken me to new heights of staying open to change and welcome new change with genuine self confidence. Yes, I have grown with Reiki sessions and the best benefit of all is my "self" keeps evolving!!!
Kathy Allen - Rocky Hill, CT

Joanne is a very caring, genuine person. Her readings are not only insightful but realistic. All of her information is pure, from the heart, and the information always comes to fruition within a short time of the reading. As a greater testimony, I have referred many of my friends to Joanne and they have all been so very pleased as well....that they have referred their friends!!! Joanne is one of the first clairvoyants I have come to trust in every way.
Cheri Meisel - Derby, CT

I have had numerous sessions with Joanne over the last number of years. She is deeply caring, patient, practical, and accurate in her perceptions. These are rare and excellent qualities to find in a person, and are especially helpful when you are openly sharing your heart during a personal session. I would highly recommend Joanne's work to anyone who is ready for their next step in healing and personal growth.
Neil Cohen - Mt. Shasta, CA

Angel of the present and future that's Joanne! Learning from the past only helped me move toward the future. I went to Joanne to have her help me focus on myself and career. Little did I know it would be a wonderful life-changing experience. She helped me see who I was and guided me on how to be who I wanted to be. She also helped me through the death of my life partner, the grieving, and letting go. She still wasn't through with me as I needed to learn to focus on me, my future as a single person, my career and family. Only when I thought she was done, she guided me to my new life partner and even showed me how to cope with the many changes and challenges we faced.

The continuous use of my taped sessions, showing me various relaxation techniques and hypnosis are now an important part of my life. My new husband has met and thoroughly enjoyed Joanne's tenderness, sincerity and professionalism. She is an Angel and friend. If you have never been to a clairvoyant or hypnotist, please call Joanne and give it a try.
Diane Woods - Tega Cay, SC

A dear friend of mine told me about Joanne several years ago and how amazingly accurate her "readings" were. Having always in the past gone to someone who read cards, tea leaves, palms or something like that, I was truly surprised and even more amazed that Joanne uses Gods' gifts, and the energy and spirits that surround a person to insure accuracy in her readings. After just one session, I became a steady and regular client and have also referred many of my friends and even my own mother to her! Just for one example of the many things she has told me that in fact happened just as she said it would. She told me I would be changing jobs a couple years ago. Not only did she tell me what company I would be working for, but also on what floor the office I would be on was! There are many, many other examples, too numerous to name.

In addition to her spiritual gifts, I am a client of Joanne's with her practice of hypnotherapy. Last year, I was having some serious issues with a rapid heart rate, which was determined by my doctor to be stress-related. After a few sessions of hypnosis, my palpitations no longer occurred, and I was much less "stressed", much calmer, and subsequently a lot happier. I am currently undergoing hypnosis with Joanne for weight loss. I fully expect to achieve the same success with this endeavor as I did with the stress management. She's truly blessed with God given talents that help many, many people.
Sue Kelly - Wethersfield, CT

With Great appreciation to Joanne M. Ciccarello-Panciera.
Due to Ms. Panciera's gifts and expertise, not to mention her sincere compassion and kindness, I have been able to deal much better with a chronic illness and alleviate myself from old excess baggage. Joanne has been able to do, in a short period of time, what would have taken me months or years to accomplish with a standard therapist. With sincere appreciation and gratitude,
Anne Kemmeling Stitley - Atlanta, GA

My first encounter with Joanne was when I was hyperventilating and having chest pains each time a specific situation came up. I couldn't relate it to anything in this lifetime. We planned a past life hypnosis regression. Joanne spent time focusing on my experiencing past lives which were pertinent to the problems I was having. The session was AWESOME!!! I experienced three past lives and I have not hyperventilated or had chest pains with this matter since that meeting. Over the years, I have had readings, taken a variety of classes, and received Reiki Healing from Joanne and all have been very positive experiences.
Dede Krasnow - Wethersfield, CT

Joanne is amazing. She is the most insightful person I know. Her readings have provided me peace of mind. The Reiki healing has provided that same peace for my body. Her readings have provided me insight into my past and my future. I always leave our sessions with a renewed sense of hope. My experiences with Joanne have changed my life.
Michelle Guzas - Nashua, NH

Joanne is an extraordinary therapist. She is very personable and knowledgeable of her subject matter. As an extremely busy School Principal, Joanne has helped me to manage stress and ordinary life events through Creative Visualizations and Stress Management techniques. Sessions with Joanne are a terrific learning opportunity that teach practical application of useful techniques to help in your spiritual growth.
Cathie Mascolo - School Principal

I have been seeing Joanne for more than 10 years. I remember this because the first time I saw Joanne, she told me about the daughter I would have. Two years later, I had that daughter. Today she is 10 years old and wears glasses just as Joanne had seen in one of my very first readings. If I were a skeptic, Joanne has long ago proven herself to me with things that she could never have predicted alone. I continually return to her for guidance, just to see what's happening and for fun. In fact, I have since moved from Connecticut to Arizona and will only see Joanne. Now, I make an appointment with her to have a reading on the phone and when I visit Connecticut, I call her first. I know there are other valid people out there but I trust Joanne.
Linda Dellea - Tucson, AZ

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